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    Main » 2010 » May » 14 » Ancient Grease - Woman And Children First (1970)
    5:07 PM
    Ancient Grease - Woman And Children First (1970)



    Ancient Grease were actually a band named Strawberry Dust from Neath in South Wales. This album was a collaboration between a few people from the hippyer band Eyes of Blue and Stawberry Dust. The result features some fine dirty rock'n'roll alongside with a number of mellow songs, such as the dreamy, psychedelic-folk of 'Time To Die' and the rootsy 'Mystic Mountain'.
    What's interesting about Ancient Grease is that the album was intended to be released on the famous Vertigo Swirl label You can still see the VO Price Code on the reverse of the album sleeve. For some reason, the record company changed it the last minute and released it on the black Mercury label in July 1970. The album was also curiously credited to Ancient Grease, not Strawberry Dust.
    Unfortunately, Mercury Records did not give 'Women and Children First' the amount of push necessary to get a brand new act noticed by the record buying public. Insted they focused on Rod Stewart's 'An Old Raincoat Will Never Let You Down'.

    01 - Freedom Train - 4.05 02 - Don't Want - 5.08 03 - Odd Song - 5.45 04 - Eagle Song - 5.01 05 - Where The Snow Lies Forever - 5.12 06 - Mother Grease The Cat - 5.16 07 - Time To Die - 4.07 08 - Prelude To A Blind Man - 5.06 09 - Mystic Mountain - 3.34 10 - Women And Children First - 6.39 11 - Freedom Train (Alt.Take) - 3.28

    By HershonJones (Michigan)
    This is one of the best psychedelic hard rock albums I've ever heard. Ancient Grease plays like there is no tomorrow and sounds like Led Zeppelin without inhibitions circa 1970. The lead guitarist, Graham Williams, sounds like Jimmy Page on overdrive. The lead singer, Graham Mortimer (Morty)is excellent and later was the main man in the group Racing Cars. On Freedom Train, Morty at the end of the song, does the best Paul McCartney imitation I ever heard.


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