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    Main » 2010 » April » 19 » The Konrads - Rehearsals (1963) - Mini LP
    8:19 PM
    The Konrads - Rehearsals (1963) - Mini LP

    Mp3 320\ 43 Mb


    The Konrads:

    David Bowie (Dave Jay): Vocals & tenor saxophone.

    Neville Wills: Guitar.

    Alan Dodds: Guitar.

    Dave Crook: Drums.

    Rocky Shahan: Bass.

    Christine and Stella Patton: (Occasional) backing vocals.

    David Hadfield later replaced Dave Crook on drums.

    Songs known to have been performed by The Konrads:

    It's Only Make Believe / A Night At Daddy Gee's / A Picture Of You / Hey Baby / In The Mood / China Doll / The Young Ones / Sweet Little Sixteen / I Never Dreamed.

    1962 June 16th

    Bromley Technical School - The Konrads

    Bromley Church Hall - The Konrads (Rehearsals)

    Chiselhurst Caves, Kent - The Konrads

    1962 November 17th

    Cudham Village Hall - The Konrads

    1963 1963 May

    Orpington, Civic - The Konrads


    The Konrads were David's first professional band.


    The Konrads consisted of: David Jones (vocals, tenor saxophone), Neville Wills (guitar), Alan Dodds (guitar), Dave Crook (drums), George Underwood (vocals).George Underwood left after a short time. Apparently the name Kon-rads came about whilst they were appearing with Jess Conrad, who introduced them as "my Conrads." The hyphen was removed at David's insistence.

    David and the Konrads perform a few 'Shadows' numbers during the schools PTA fete. In the Friday June 22nd edition of The Kentish Times, with a headline 'Nearly 4,000 at school fete' - it stated: 'In a continental style cage where one could sip soft drinks, while a group of young instrumentalists called 'The Conrads', (sic) played music on guitars, saxophone and drums.'

    Many rehearsals were held at The Church Hall on Bromley Common. Fans of the band were charged two shillings to watch the performances. The vast majority of the Konrads performances were held at small local venues consisting of youth clubs, dances, church halls and Bar Mitzvah parties.

    By the end of 1962 David Hadfield had replaced Dave Crook on drums. Also joining the band were Rocky Shahan (real name Chaudhari) on bass guitar and on vocals were Roger Ferris, and two sisters Christine and Stella Patton (now Gall). David changed his surname to 'Dave Jay' because he was inspired by Peter Jay And The Jaywalkers, who according to David were only one of two British bands that 'knew anything about saxophones'.A list containing 58 song titles were drawn up by the Konrads drummer David Hadfield, which included 'In The Mood', 'China Doll', 'The Young Ones' and 'Sweet Little Sixteen'. David wrote many compositions aided by guitarist Neville Wills, who used to help him compose the music.


    18th May: At the Hillsiders Youth Club show, Lebanon Gardens, Biggin Hill, David sings Joe Brown's 'A Picture Of You' and Bruce Chanel's 'Hey Baby'. George Underwood takes the vocals on 'It's Only Make Believe' and 'A Night At Daddy Gees'. Mrs Orme, set up The Hillsiders Youth Club which met every Friday in the W.I. Hall in Lebanon Gardens. It got a lot of support from the local youth and also from those of Westerham.On Friday, August 30th, The Konrads enter Decca Studios, Broadhurst Gardens in West Hampstead for the first time and cut their only recorded record entitled: 'I Never Dreamed'. The song was written by David, Roger Ferris and Alan Dodds, the main vocals are by Roger Ferris, with David taking the harmonies. Several acetates were cut by Decca. Drummer David Hadfield said the song concerned an 'air crash'. Soon after this recording, David left the band, though the band stayed together playing the club circuit and even toured as the opening act with The Rolling Stones. David said he became dissatisfied with The Konrads because of their choice of song repertoire. He wanted to play more blues numbers instead of the pop standards they chose to cover.The Hooker Brothers consisted of David Jones (vocals, tenor saxophone), George Underwood (rhythm guitar, vocals, harmonica) and Viv Andrews (drums). They had a regular booking at the Bromel Club, at the Bromley Court Hotel, mostly as the interval act, although it lasted only for a few weeks. They also performed as Dave's Reds and Blues in order to get more gigs which was common practice. 'Reds and Blues' were a reference to the type of barbiturate pills that were on the scene at the time. One of the songs included in their set was the classic ballad 'Blues In The Night'. They only performed three or four times in total. If David never had somewhere to play he would travel around, listening to music, carrying his saxophone, just in case a group invited him to join them onstage


    01-The Better I Know02-Now I'm On My Way03-It's Too Late04-I'm Over You05-Judgement Day06-I Didn't Know How Much07-I Thought Of You Last Night


    LINK (OK)

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