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    Main » 2010 » February » 16 » The Gestures - The Gestures (1964)
    6:52 PM
    The Gestures - The Gestures (1964)

    Flac \ 156Mb

    One of the first American garage bands to write and perform British Invasion-derived material, the Gestures only recorded two singles in the mid-'60s. But one of those, "Run, Run, Run," was an excellent effort indeed, with its blend of surf-styled guitar, terrific pummeling drums, and Beatlesque harmonies. It made #44 nationally in late 1964, and made the Top Ten in several cities, but the Minnesota group only made one follow-up before disbanding. Recording for a tiny regional label, there wasn't enough of a support network to build the Gestures into a bigger act, although some strong original songs — which employed pleasing harmonies and unusual, almost jazzy chord structures — indicated that the group had considerable potential. As it was, they're just another in a line of young groups whose prospects were short-circuited by limited opportunities, although "Run, Run, Run" is now acknowledged as one of the earliest and best garage 45s, especially after it was reissued on Pebbles, Vol. 9.
    01 - Hi-Heel Sneakers
    02 - I'm Not Mad
    03 - Don't Mess Around
    04 - Run Run Run
    05 - Things We Said Today
    06 - Can I Get a Witness
    07 - Long Tall Texan
    08 - Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
    09 - It Seems to Me
    10 - She Cried
    11 - When Does Linda Cry
    12 - Savage World [instrumental]
    13 - Candlelight
    14 - Things We Said Today [Alternate Backing Track]
    15 - I'm Not Mad [Alternate Version]
    16 - Stand by
    The Gestures never released an album during their brief existence. This 16-track disc was patched together by combining all four songs from their two singles with 12 previously unreleased cuts that were recorded for a projected (but unreleased album). "Run, Run, Run" is a stone classic, from its opening rush of ascending chords to its final chorus. Gestures songwriter Dale Menten penned a couple of other neat, more subdued tunes that bridged surf-frat rock with British Invasion styles. Most of the unreleased stuff, though, is competent, but not overly stunning, covers of mid-'60s hits from both the U.K. and the U.S. As such, it's more a testament to what might have been than a notable document, although garageheads will find it entertaining.

    От себя...
    Не очень-то она и гаражная эта группа. На мой взгляд в основном музыка без острых "гаражных"углов, без "...растерянности и злобы..", как говорит психоделический Медведев ,но с характерным ритмом и подпевочками больше похожа на хороший бит.И хотя определённая жёсткость уже присутствует в некоторых композициях,определить конкретный стиль в данном случае не легко,во всяком случае для меня. Скорее всего,это где-то на стыке - раннее утро в гараже... Да и так ли это важно ?.Главное,что музыка The Gestures потрясающе передаёт неповторимые оттенки саунда 60х.
    Я надеюсь,что альбом понравится не только моим сверстникам, музыкальные пристрастия которых формировались в 60е-70е/в этом я уверен/,но и всем ,кто интересуется истоками современной рок музыки и кому нравится музыка того времени

    ENJOY !!! как говорят у нас в Митино...

    Category: Mp3 | Views: 10460 | Added by: Dmitrich | Tags: garage, 1964, 60's rock | Rating: 0.0/0
    Total comments: 4
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    thamks !!

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