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    Mp3\ 33Mb


    Sorry,no information 8-(...
    But,highly recommendations for fans sixties and beat sound. 8-)


    1. Let Me Be the One2. There She Goes3. Walkin' After Midnight4. Lonely Street5. Release Me6. Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes7. Am I That Easy to Forget8. Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On9. Just Out of Reach10. Above and Beyond


    Category: Mp3 | Views: 2150 | Added by: Dmitrich | Date: 2010-05-14 | Comments (3)



    The group Hunger was an extremely talented group from Portland, Oregon. The album Strictly From Hunger was released in 1969. It was to be the only release from the group, as a streak of bad luck broke the band apart. Unfortunately on two separate occasions their equipment was stolen.The group featured long organ driven instrumental breaks with piercing guitar lines between some strong songwriting in a majority of their songs. They were a very popular group that was rising fast in the California psychedelic scene. By the time it was o ... Read more »
    Category: Mp3 | Views: 1750 | Added by: Dmitrich | Date: 2010-05-14 | Comments (3)



    Norton delves into the vaults of North Carolina's legendary Justice label for three vinyl sets - straight up reissues on the garage classic SPEAKING OF THE TEMPOS and THE PHANTOM RAIDERS - NEW SOUND '67, a big in demand teen genius nugget and for the first time ever, THE BEST OF JUSTICE RECORDS culled from the label's nearly two dozen ultra rare albums! You'll be pounding the gavel for more-more-more Justice once you get a lobeful so get all three while court is in session!

    The Tempos: ... Read more »
    Category: Mp3 | Views: 28315 | Added by: Dmitrich | Date: 2010-05-14 | Comments (5)

    Mp3\ 47Mb


    Featuring the angst-ridden vocals of Butch Engle and scintillating original material from the pen of the Beau Brummels' Ron Elliott, Butch Engle And The Styx knocked 'em dead wherever they played on the SF Bay Area teen music circuit. Whether headlining the Santa Benecia Armory in their Marin county backyard, slaying the crowd at Bill Quarry's Teens 'N' Twenties in the East Bay or copping first place at Band Bash '66 in San Francisco's Cow Palace, Butch Engle And The Styx possessed the perfect sound for 1966-'67.

    Category: Mp3 | Views: 1567 | Added by: Dmitrich | Date: 2010-05-14 | Comments (3)



    Mp3\ 107Mb
    One of the many fine '60s groups who barely got to record, let alone reach a wide audience, Powder was one of the most Anglophile American bands of the decade. Hailing from San Mateo, CA (near San Francisco), the group stood apart from their peers in that they were neither psychedelic nor garage, specializing in power pop with ringing, crashing guitars and harmonies. Most of thei ... Read more »
    Category: Mp3 | Views: 2046 | Added by: Dmitrich | Date: 2010-05-14 | Comments (15)



    ALAN CLARK vcls, ld gtr, bs,organ





    Oddball release from moderately successful LA hairdresser/beauty parlor manager, giving the term "vanity project" a new dimension. Actually, the remarkable Mr Lee doesn't perform on the LP, relegating that task to a group of teen-club stalwarts he'd found somewhere. The LP could ... Read more »
    Category: Mp3 | Views: 3279 | Added by: Dmitrich | Date: 2010-05-14 | Comments (2)



    This is part of Bear Family's Beat In Germany 1960 series.These CDs are part of a comprehensive Bear Family series, 'Smash...!Boom...!Bang...!', dedicated to the mid-Sixties German Beat boom. At least 30 installments are planned, and each CD will contain between 20 and 30 titles, all re-mastered for the best possible sound quality. All 30 CDs together placed side by side will show the above motive.
    The featured artists run the gamut from popular groups like the Rattles and the Lords to great unknowns like the Pages, the Poor Things, Pet ... Read more »
    Category: Mp3 | Views: 7392 | Added by: Dmitrich | Date: 2010-05-14 | Comments (2)

    Mp3 \150Mb


    Although Germany had its place in rock & roll's evolution in the 1960s, it was primarily as an incubator for British bands playing grueling stints in Hamburg, not for homegrown talent. The Lords were about the best of a weak scene, populated by bands that could never seem to shake themselves free of stodgy Central European oom-pah folk traditions. Quite popular in their own country, the Lords made no impression in the English-speaking world until a couple of decades later, when reappreciation of '60s beat and garage music became so intense ... Read more »
    Category: Mp3 | Views: 1666 | Added by: Dmitrich | Date: 2010-05-14 | Comments (1)




    Ed Valdez,

    Danny Gavurnick,

    Anthony Martinez,

    Rudy Maestas,

    Dave Rarick

    The Movin' Morfomen were a New Mexico-based garage band formed by five Espanola High School classmates, Dave Rarick (guitar, keyboards, vocals), ... Read more »
    Category: Mp3 | Views: 3119 | Added by: Dmitrich | Date: 2010-05-14 | Comments (3)



    A mysterious figure of the late '60s who put out an interesting eponymous album on the names-can-be-deceptive Chartmaker label. With his funky, keyboard-based rock and full, soulful vocals, Darius sounded like a more eccentric and far moodier, doomier counterpart to Lee Michaels. The record was imaginatively arranged and produced, with flourishes of flamenco guitar, odd echo-tinkles, and some dynamic organ and bass hooks adding to its overall air of idiosyncrasy. It's little known, even among psychedelic collectors, and worthy of exhumation on C ... Read more »
    Category: Mp3 | Views: 1984 | Added by: Dmitrich | Date: 2010-05-14 | Comments (2)

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    V.A. Take the Brain Train to the Third Eye: Bud Mathis' Sunset Trip (1963-1967)
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    Various Artists: The Scene Series - Decca Originals
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    The Konrads - Rehearsals (1963) - Mini LP
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    The Konrads - Rehearsals (1963) - Mini LP
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    Brian Poole and The Tremeloes - Big Big Hits of '62
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